Code of Conduct

Digitise Your Code of Conduct

Today’s employees are more comfortable with interactive technologies than ever before. Organisations have an opportunity to utilise this new ‘norm’ and share their key messages straight to their employee’s preferred devices.

Let us work with you to turn your Code of Conduct into an interactive application that your employees will love making it more accessible and user friendly.

Make your Code of Conduct fun and interactive so that it is easy to digest and focuses on the benefits of doing business ethically.

We continue to deliver ethics and compliance apps for a range of clients worldwide.

We offer a full bespoke solution and ensure that you are able to manage all content moving forwards.

What are the benefits of turning your Code of Conduct, or similar framework, digital?

Interactive –

which encourages
higher staff

Accessible –

which means your
employees can
use it on the go

Universal –

overcoming language
and geographical

Have full control over your application through an integrated content management system allowing you to manage content any time you need.

We can also provide an analytics dashboard so that you can track how the app is being used, including which parts of your Code people are using the most!

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